About Us

We are a team with a common purpose. We want to provide the food options those are made with natural ingredients for healthier life style of our community.
Our all natural menu consists of Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free and more options that fit multiple ethnicities.

Affordable Pricing

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Our Special Item

Chicken Tandoori

Food Philosophy

Eating Natural Means…
No growth hormones or, artificial treatment.
Our poultry and other meat are raised in an open pasture with no herbicides or, pesticides.
Our seasonal greens are organic.

Natural Foods: In Wild Harmony, you eat natural because we believe eating natural promotes better health.

Organic Foods: Organic food consumers, manufacturers and farmers strongly believe that organic food has the many benefits compared to conventional food.

Friendly Atmosphere: Friendly atmosphere, comfortable ambience and affordable price.


Make amazing food - Offer warm welcoming service - Give back to the neighborhood - Run an efficient, profitable business - Make Wild Harmony a better place for both our customers in a convenient, relaxed, friendly environment, that insures the highest level of quality product and best value for money.


To serve happiness to our customers through delicious, quality meals and extraordinary restaurant experience while working toward the greater good for our employees, community and environment.
To be an excellent restaurant operator that offers healthy and delicious food to customers
To learn and deeply understand the needs of our customers and to provide the best meal and service for our customers at a reasonable price
To provide a quick and warm service to maximize customer’s satisfaction
To be a restaurant with the highest level of hygiene standard amidst a relaxed atmosphere

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Monday to Saturday
11:30AM to 9:30PM

Enjoy Happy Hours
Sunday 3 PM – Thursday 7:30 PM

43150 Broadlands Center Plaza
Unit 166, Ashburn,
VA 20148, USA
Phone : 703-723-0404
Email: wildharmonyva@gmail.com
Website: https://wildharmonyva.com